Dr. Lisa Brodhacker


Celestial Science

by Connie Terpack


Merely one block away from the busy main thoroughfare, nestled among gently rolling green hills, covering a 100-acre campus, sits Lander University in Greenwood, SC. Lander has approximately 138 full-time faculty. Dr. Lisa Brodhacker, an impressive, humble professor, is busy teaching chemistry and making mirrors. Read more »

High-tech Treasure Hunt

by Dawn Callahan

What do a pill bottle, a food container and an ammo can have in common? Read more »

Dr. Tomiko Brown-Nagin

Social Reform and the Law

by George Ligon, Jr.

On September 13, 2012 I had the pleasure of attending a lecture given by Dr. Tomiko Brown-Nagin at Lander University’s Josephine B. Abney Cultural Center auditorium. When I saw the advertisement for this event, I was not only intrigued by the topic, but also by the title of her book, Courage to Dissent: Atlanta and the Long History of the Civil Rights Movement. Read more »

Plein Air

by Susan Fennell

Worldwide Paint-Out...a big name for what was a more intimate connection among some artists in Greenwood. For ten years, the Annual International Plein Air painting event, also known as the Worldwide Paint-Out, is when artists from different countries spend time outdoors creating... Read more »

Fabric of Time

Bygone Eras to the Present

by Amy Alley

My new InStyle magazine arrived in the mail today. Normally this is an event I look forward to with no small amount of eager anticipation. Read more »

The Man Who Built the Rock House

by John Robert Young

We conclude our look at the Rock House with the story of its builder, Thomas Payne Tolbert, as told by his great-great-nephew.

  Read more »